Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Trip to Sweden

Ha Ha, just kidding. On Saturday Jon wanted to go to the Golf show that was going on at the convention center, so we got up early and headed out. It was actually pretty interesting seeing all the stuff that they had and all the stuff they were giving away was pretty amazing. After the Golf show we were trying to decide what to do. It was to cold to go to the zoo, so we decided to take a trip to Ikea. Brock and I went last year with Nana and was amazed, but Jon had never been. It is a pretty amazing store, but be prepared to spend at least 3 + hours there the first time you go. Brock did very well and even got a few new toys for being such a wonderful boy. Later that day I took Titan and Nismo to the dog park that is over by the Hillsboro Stadium, and boy did they have fun. There were tons of dogs for them to run around and play with. It was a wonderful day.


This year for the superbowl we went over to our good friends the Marteney’s. They are some of our best friends and we love hanging out with them. They have a daughter, Madison who is 7 months older than Brock. They love to play together, so during the superbowl they had tons of fun. Madison was showing Brock who to use pegged blocks and then Brock showed Madison how to climb on to the table. Madison even learned Brocks middle name that day, after hearing mommy say “Brock Thomas no please” many times that day, she repeated it a few times, “Brock Thomas”. I thought it was very cute. We love hanging out with them and look forward to spending time with their growing family. That night when we were trying to get the dogs to go in to their kennel Titan decided that he was going to sit on Brock’s couch and stay there. It was quite amusing.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some fun random photos of Brock