Sunday, September 21, 2008



Well let me get you caught up with what is going on with our family. In July of 2005 I married my best friend, Jon. Our wedding was amazing, it was on the edge of the North Umpqua River at sunset, surrounded by our close friends and family. On Labor Day of 2005 we added our first puppy, Titan our red and white Boston Terrier. In June of 2006 we purchased our first new home in Forest Grove. It is wonderful, it is the neighborhood setting in the country! Then on Labor Day again we decided to add another member to our family, Nismo our Brindled Boston Terrier, (who has now grown to a whopping 40 lbs). Then to our surprise our sweet baby boy was born 2 days after our 3 year wedding anniversary, 8 weeks early. Brock is now 14 months old and is defiantly all boy. He love to jump off the couch, roll around with the dogs, and get in to every thing he should not be in. He is WONDERFUL!!! I am currently staying home with him during the day while Jon is at work. He is working for IWP still and is enjoying it. I am working for Fred Meyer again, just nights and weekends. It is a good balance between work and family and friends.