Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Easter this year was so much fun. On Saturday night after I was off work I came home and we colored Easter eggs. Brock got to pick what color dye the eggs went in to. Then I gave him and egg and some washable markers so he could color his own egg. He had a lot of fun.

Brock was excited to find his Easter bucket filled with fun new toys and then, has a blast finding eggs and other treats in the back yard. Then we came inside and Brock played with his eggs. I did learn that you should not get the eggs that look like balls (football, baseball, basketball, and soccer) because Brock started chucking them across the room and at us, yelling ball. Then one of them broke open and he found the chocolate in them!! His eyes were huge with excitement. So while we made breakfast he ate to much candy. After breakfast we got dressed in our very cute Easter clothes that Moma (Oma) got for him. He is looking like such a big boy. Then we went over to Nana and Papa’s house for Easter dinner and another egg hunt. We had a wonderful time eating a ham dinner with about 30 people total. Then after dinner the kido’s went on an egg hunt in the family room. It was so cute watching Brock find even the hidden eggs and he was also watching all the other kids find eggs. After a wonderful day we cam home and relaxed.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Our other children

I spend so much time talking about Brock that I felt I was ignoring our first two children. Titan and Nismo. Titan is our red and white Boston Terrier he will be 4 years old in July and is a good dog. Nismo will be 3 years old in July and is our big lug of a dog. An average Boston Terrier weighs any where from 14 to 24 pounds. Titan is 21 and pretty tall but Nismo on the other hand is 41 pounds and a solid rock. Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!!!! So while Brock was sleeping Jon took the dogs to the dog park. In north Hillsboro there is a wonderful dog park, Hondo Dog Park it is located next to the Hillsboro Stadium. There is a large grassy area for all dogs to play in, a small grassy area for smaller dogs, and for the winter time there is a large area that is sandy so your dog does not get all muddy. They love to go to the dog park so much and we now have to spell it out when were are talking about it, because the dogs get all wound up if we say the words. Though yesterday when Jon and I were talking about it, Titan was twisting his head to the side and got very excited when we spelled it out. So I think we are going to have to figure out something else. Here are some photos of the dogs as puppies and a few we took yesterday in our back yard.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rubber Boots

I remember as a kid I had rubber boots, and I loved them. They were very practical for where I grew up, but here in town Rubber Boots are not so practical. Though my son LOVES and I mean loves his rubber boots. We got them last week when we took a trip down to Roseburg to visit Oma and Grandpa. There house has lots of mud and puddles, a child’s favorite thing at this age. So my mom suggested that we get some so we would not ruin his other shoes. I showed Brock his boots and he went crazy, boot, boots, boot, boots. Is all he would say, he wore them from the time he got up till the time he went to bed, even with his PJ’s on. Even now that we are back home he loves these boots and even when he is sick he still has to sport the boots. So here are some photos of Brock and his boots.