Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The New Year

Ok so it is almost the end of January and I have only done one post. I am sorry to all of you on not keeping up. So here it goes.

This last month has been crazy. Brock is growing up to be such a big boy!! We graduated from our highchair to a booster seat. He has figured out how to ride our dump truck around with out someone pushing him, though he still loves to be pushed around on it. He figured out how to stack his blocks. He met 2 cousins a few weeks ago when we went to Spokane for a friends wedding. He had tons of fun playing with Forest (who is 3 ½) and was very gentle with Eliot (who is 3 ½ months old). Got his first set of super hero PJ’s. Went to his first wedding, and did pretty good. Though I did have to get up and leave with him because he was saying “Hi” to everyone that was there. Had tons of fun at the reception playing with the limes and a chair. Oh and I would have to say my favorite is the climbing. He is climbing of every thing, the oven, the side table, the chairs, the book case that has his toys in it, pretty much anything that he can. He is so much fun and so very busy. I am looking forward to the next fun thing he figures out.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Well I must join in on the 4th Folder, 4th Photo. Though mine is more the 4th folder, 4th folder, and then 4th photos. I arrange all our photos by category and then by date.

So this is a photo of Brock sitting at the table in his Big Boy seat. The night before we got him a booster seat and took his high chair to the garage. I was not sure how he would adjust to the Big Boy chair. Every morning when I make him breakfast just before I am finished I tell him " Brock go to your chair" Well this morning he went to where his high chair use to be, and looked at me with utter confusion. Put both hands up and said, "huuu?" I showed him where his new Big Boy chair was and he got a HUGE smile on his face and then tried to climb up in to it.
He loves sitting at the table with us and he even bows his head now when we pray.

Children are such a blessing and it melts my heart every day when Brock does something new or funny.