Saturday, March 28, 2009


I cant believe that March is almost over, time is flying by way to fast. This month was filled with lots of fun things. Brock is starting to talk so much more. He has tons of words that he uses daily and he also has his own language of chatter. He loves to stand and climb on anything he can. On Wednesday we flipped his car seat around and he is now forward facing. He was so excited that day. He was pointing out so many things that day, trucks, birds, trees, and even an airplane. We even took a short trip down to my parents house to visit Oma and Grandpa. He had so much fun with the wagon and the new swing that Oma purchased and that Grandpa put up for him. We also had a play date with Grayson on Thursday, they had so much playing and sharing snacks.He had so much fun that he hardly slept while we were there, but thankfully he slept from Roseburg all the way to Salem. He was very excited to see his dada and doggies when we got home.

(there are a ton of pictures on this one)

Bucket Head’s and the Zoo

Ok so I am a little behind with posting. At the end of February we took a wonderful day trip to the Zoo. Brock is now seeing the animals and is even able to say some of their names. We even got to see the baby elephant. We had a blast and look forward to going more this summer.

Here are some funny photos of Jon and Brock playing with his bucket that Dara gave him with his baby shower gift. He loves playing, sitting in, and carrying it around. Thanks Dara!! We have also started the per-potty training stages of life. For the most part Brock is doing very well with it all. He has even gone potty in his potty chair a half a dozen times. We did hit a bump in the road for some reason and Brock decided for about a week that he wanted nothing to do with his potty chair. Thankfully we have since passed that and he is starting to get more use to the idea of being a BIG boy!!